The Grand Halloween Cup

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The Sniff

We have just had the AFL Grand Final, Halloween is at the end of the month, and the Melbourne Cup is in the first week of November (so near enough).  I don’t follow the footy, or support horse racing, but I guess they are a good excuse for a holiday.  They are great themes for a sniff.  Plus, I always love our Halloween searches.  These are nearly always held indoors,  on or off lead, with lots of spooky items in the search area as decorations, and distractions.

You can choose footy, or Halloween-y, or horse-y, or a combination of 2 or 3, or even a search or 2 for each theme.

The Grand Final theme could be down at the local oval for an outdoor search, or how about a container search in the goal square?   Scarves and beanies should be worn!  No  celebrating until you’ve completed your searches 😉

How about Halloween?  Set your search area up as Halloween-y as you are able.   How about pumpkins, spiders’ webs, ghosts, and skeletons in your lounge room?    Spooky!   Be careful where you place your hide/s.  We want your dog to enjoy the search, not to freak out 👻

Have you ever done a search in the dark?   How about setting your hide, then switching the lights off to add to the spookiness?   Your dog could wear a flashing collar to help you keep track of the search, but the I’m sure the sniffing will tell you where she is.  You could even do an outdoor search in the dark.

Melbourne Cup theme could be horsey - saddles, bridles, rocking horses, horse floats, riding boots, etc.   Or you could be a little more creative - searches related to Melbourne, or cups, etc.  Indoors or outdoors work well, and if you have a horse float or similar you’ve got a great vehicle search idea. 

You can dress for the themes, too.

Newbies:  No problem doing this with your food and boxes, indoors, or somewhere outside with few distractions.   Just remember the themes.

Let’s see your ideas.

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