Wet, wet, wet

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The Sniff

How often do you set up searches in the rain?    I bet it is not often.  Now is your chance to get out and get wet.  You’ve got a month.  Surely it will rain on at least one day this month.  

Wait for a rainy day.  Set up at least one hide outside in the rain.   It can be on a vehicle, or just somewhere suitable outdoors.   Get out and play!  This search should be on lead, because you both need to be in the rain.

No rain where you are, or you just want more searches?  Fill some containers with water, and pop a hide into one of the containers.  

Or, set up a search at a local beach, or lake, or stream, or even a puddle.

Newbies:  If using food, ensure the bowl is shallow so that your dog doesn’t need to dunk.

Can’t leave the house?   Water in containers too messy, or looking for more search ideas?  Set up a search in your bathroom.  The hide should NOT be under the running water, just in the same room.   Then when your dog is ready to search, turn on the shower/bath/sink/taps, and keep them running during the search. 

HAVE FUN!  Get wet! ☔️

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