Jill Marie O’Brien Melbourne Workshops 

K9 Nose Fun is excited to host Jill Marie’s two Melbourne Seminar/Workshops

Both will be held at FOMDAC Clubrooms, 55 Aranga Cres, Donvale

5 CEU per day for CNWI

Friday 28 June 2019, 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Finding the Zone…building and sustaining the K9/human partnership in NW1 and NW2 Trial Preparation

Description of workshop

This working seminar is designed to accommodate up to 10 working teams + auditors. We will work through a variety of exercises building NW1 & 2 trial readiness. Video review and/or search debriefs may be utilised to help enhance the handler’s understanding of the search environment and their dog’s ability to function optimally within the presenting search parameters.  Analysing performances and applying the learning to future searches can be a critical piece in improving outcomes in the trial environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Build team work between handler and dog
  • Expose the teams to exercises to improve both NW1 & 2 performances
  • Ensuring that the foundational experiences, fun and motivation stay strong 
  • Handlers will gain additional understanding of trial readiness and what that really means
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Summary of workshop

The core concept of the K9 Nose Work® training principles is about providing a game and environment that allows dogs to access and explore their natural skills through self-discovery and rewards.  However, many handlers are confronted with unexpected challenges, dogs performing differently in the testing/trialing environment than in training, diminishment in enthusiasm for the dog as they move further into the world of trialing and frustration for the handler when confronted with hearing “trust your dog” in the midst of the learning process. 

We’ll tap into the core elements of the K9 Nose Work® foundational model and work through ways to keep the enthusiasm alive for both the dog and human members of the team. 

Working Spots:  FULLY BOOKED OUT 

Auditors:  NEARLY BOOKED OUT - $100 

Saturday 29 June 2019, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

The Anatomy of a Search

Description  of Workshop

The Anatomy of the Search will dissect all the pieces and phases of your search experience. During the day we will cover, not what type of searches you’ll be involved with, but the pieces of the search itself that can be the difference between walking out with a success or wondering what was needed to leave with a “yes”.  Thresholds, detailing, perimeters, presentation and more; what they mean and how to create the most effective search experience possible.

Jill Marie will integrate personal experiences, video review (time permitting), group discussion and work with participating dogs (as appropriate) to help attendees better analyse the search area in front them. 

This day is for all K9 Nose Work® & scent sport enthusiasts and instructors regardless of level of experience. (Dogs must be on odour to participate. Practical exercises may be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the participating teams from beginning-elite). Working teams may be isolated to training levels, but auditing is open to all levels. 

Learning Objectives

  • Break down each element and individual search area by component.  
  • Increase handler confidence through identifying the commonalities of all elements and search area for better planning and support of their K9 partner.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the commonalities among searches vs. the differences

Summary of Workshop

Anatomy of a Search is designed to enhance a team’s performance by identifying the similarities of each search regardless of element or location. Handlers will learn to analyse the search environment not based on what it is but by how the individual components come together to create the overall search picture. 

Working Spots:  NEARLY BOOKED OUT - only one dog per handler -$200 

Auditors:  Limited places available - $100 

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ABOUT Jill Marie O’Brien, CPDT-KA, CNWI, Co-Founder of K9 Nose Work® and National Association of Canine Scent Work®

Jill Marie has been working with, training, and advocating for dogs since 1987.  Jill Marie spent fourteen years as Director of Behavior and Training for spcaLA.   During her tenure with spcaLA, she supervised the creation and development of that agency's first Animal Behavior and Training Department since the agency’s inception in 1877.   Jill’s career at spcaLA started in 1996 when she joined the agency to fulfill a grant from KalKan to educate inner-city youth on dog bite prevention and feral dog safety.   While there she participated in the Teaching Love and Compassion program (TLC), a program that matches at-risk youth with shelter dogs for a 3 week program that teaches young people life skills in patience, anger management and conflict resolution.  Jill Marie also developed a Canine Behavior Assessment protocol in 2000 that was the only in-house assessment used for the evaluation of the shelter dogs housed at the agency.

Image 22-5-19 at 5.24 pm

Over  the years, Jill Marie has gained extensive knowledge and experience through her  participation in agility, tracking, Animal Assisted Therapy, pet dog  training, Schutzhund/IPO training, canine behaviour assessments, canine  behaviour rehabilitation along with professional detection dog training  and handling. ​ As Co-Founder of NACSW she is involved in both the competitive sport and the activity of K9 Nose Work®.  Through the NACSW K9 Nose Work® Instructor  Education and Certification program she has dedicated the majority of  her time to continuing the development and growth of the K9 Nose Work®  style of training;  both as a tool to develop teams for competition in a  variety of trialing venues and as an activity to facilitate the  behavioural well-being of our canine companions. ​ 

Her training philosophy is one of building strong working relationships and bonds between dogs and their handlers using positive, fun and motivational techniques.   She is a strong advocate of ongoing education and development of skills.   Not only has she attended many educational conferences and courses, but she has also organised educational events featuring some of the most sought-after lecturers and behaviour experts in the world.  She believes education for the humans is as important as education for the canines.  Jill Marie is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and a long time member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  

Jill Marie’s current K9 partners are Raven and Grip, both Belgian Malinois.  Jill Marie shares her life with her son and wonderful husband for whom she thanks everyday for their patience and understanding as she continues to build and develop her understanding and skill working with dogs and their people.

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